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        Friday, Oct. 8, 2010  



HCD Earns High Performer Rating in SEMAP for Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has been awarded a better than perfect score in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP).  HCD scored 148 points out of a possible 145 points—gaining bonus points for the agency’s performance.  This 102% rating designates HCD as a high performer under the SEMAP system for FY 2010. 

SEMAP is used by HUD to measure housing agency performance in key areas of the Section 8 tenant-based programs.  SEMAP assesses housing agency performance on 14 key indicators including selection procedures, timeliness of recertifications, timing of housing inspections, enforcement of housing quality standards, policies and practices for determinates of rent reasonableness, rate of program lease-up, family self-sufficiency and other related areas.